Pension U HRADU

Ořechová 27, 785 01 Šternberk, tel.: 585 013 355, e-mail:

Pension U HRADU Šternberk
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Pension U hradu - Hrad Šternberk Pension U hradu - Hrad Šternberk


Our pension is a sought-after place for weddings.
We have organised more than 200 wedding ceremonies in our thirteen-year history. As we have three restaurant rooms at our disposal, we offer organizing wedding ceremonies for maximum of 50 people in winter; in summer we use our very popular summer terrace where we take maximum advantage of the summer atmosphere for this purpose. The capacity is thus extended to 65 wedding guests in this season. Our ideal position for holding wedding ceremonies is also given by the fact that the couple gets married in Šternberk state castle, which offers beautiful premises of the castle chapel, castle courtyard or park. The distance between our pension and the castle courtyard is 350 meters.
Our organizing of wedding ceremonies includes complete gastronomic service, preparation of wedding board, decoration, accommodation of guests, music production (live music) and fireworks. We do not charge stateroom rent for wedding ceremonies.







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